To your cameras in Kaunas !

The city of Kaunas is distributing a “Wallographer’s note”, which allows you to find in the city all the street art not to be missed while walking in the streets of Kaunas! Indeed, it’s more than 50 street art to discover in the city! About wallographer, that word doesn’t exist, … Read More

Better coverage than France ?

Here we go ! After 2 hours and 40 minutes, we landed in Vilnius, and everyone’s first reflex is to turn off the airplane mode, to send a message, check mail and notifications when you are connected to the internet. And it should be noted that the network in Lithuania … Read More


Hello, my name is Vincent, I’m 22 years old student at ESAIP in Angers. I choose Lithuania and more precisely the university of Kaunas, primary for the subjects, I can take to improve my ability as an IT engineer, I’m also excited to discover a country from Eastern Europe. Thanks … Read More