Main project during our semester

I will talk to you about the project of our team. During the semester we have differents projects to be graded but here I will talk to you about the biggest project in software engineering lessons. With my team composed of Vincent, Damien, Eldar (Erasmus student), and me we have … Read More

Why there is KGB in Vilnius ?

I have visited Vilnius with friend . During 2 week-ends. I will talk you about KGB museum which we visites. Firstly why there are a KGB museum(full name: Genocido Auku Muziejus) in Vilnius and why he is special ? During second World War Lithuania belonged to USSR. And the building … Read More


Hi, my name is Antoine Saint-Louis, I’m 20 years old student at ESAIP in Angers. I like to travel for a long time. I am happy to go to ERASMUS in Lithuania. Why did i choose this country? Because i don’t know eastern europe and I like to discover new … Read More

About Lithuania

Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic countries(2,795,674 inhabitants in 2018), and also has the most troubled history. After having been a great kingdom, constantly occupied by Poland, Germany, Russia, it was Lithuania which first faced the USSR, independence. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. The center of Europe … Read More