The end of the trip

As everyone know, the COVID-19 was a world problem during the winter and the spring. It has been a test for everyone, to know what to do, how to act while everything change. Personally, it wasn’t really hard at first. Our Erasmus started well even if the COVID-19 was already … Read More

Beautiful places to visit in Lithuania

In this post I decided to talk about a few beautiful places we discovered during our trip. I won’t show every places because there are too many things to discover in Lithuania, and I hope you will enjoy reading this article. The most beautiful place I discovered in Lithuania from … Read More

Bars in Kaunas

During our semester in Kaunas, we took a part of our free time to visit bars to see the difference between lithuanian ones and french ones. The main difference is about beers price. In France, it’s usual to see a beer pint around 6/7€ or a half-pint around 4€. About … Read More

My first restaurant in Lithuania

In this article I’ll talk about my first experience in a restaurant in Lithuania. I hadn’t tried the first weeks, or I only tried fast-food. The name of this restaurant is “Legenda” and I discovered it thanks to a Lithuanian girl. She explained to me that this restaurant was famous … Read More

Lithuanian gastronomy : The beginning

After the first week, we decided to buy kitchen tools that are necessary like a frying pan and a saucepan, with pasta principly. We started to go to two supermarket which are Lidl and Maxima which is also a lithuanian supermarket. About the food here, it is principly lithuanian food … Read More

The main themes of our blog

There are 3 major themes that we’ll working on during our journey in Lithuania. In this article, I am going to discribe you which one and why we chose it. I – The lithuanian gastronomy We chose this theme because we are used to eat great food in France, it’s … Read More


Hello there, my name is Amaury COUPARD and I’m a 20 years old student. I’m actually studying at the engineering school named ESAIP located in Angers in France. Before joining ESAIP, I did a preparatory class for during 2 years. I never really had the chance to travel so I’m … Read More