How was my quarantine ?

How to say it ? In fact it doesn’t really changed my habits. I not someone who go outside that often. In fact I’m mostly going outside my room for the lectures during normal days. I don’t mind having my lectures online, and I’m already working most of my time … Read More

The end of the trip

As everyone know, the COVID-19 was a world problem during the winter and the spring. It has been a test for everyone, to know what to do, how to act while everything change. Personally, it wasn’t really hard at first. Our Erasmus started well even if the COVID-19 was already … Read More

Trip back to France

On May, the 4th the Rector of KTU announced that the university will stay closed for this semester, and all exam and lectures will be conducted remotely. That what I was waiting to leave the country and come back to France. The first plane was on the 13th of May, … Read More

Main project during our semester

I will talk to you about the project of our team. During the semester we have differents projects to be graded but here I will talk to you about the biggest project in software engineering lessons. With my team composed of Vincent, Damien, Eldar (Erasmus student), and me we have … Read More

Beautiful places to visit in Lithuania

In this post I decided to talk about a few beautiful places we discovered during our trip. I won’t show every places because there are too many things to discover in Lithuania, and I hope you will enjoy reading this article. The most beautiful place I discovered in Lithuania from … Read More

Bars in Kaunas

During our semester in Kaunas, we took a part of our free time to visit bars to see the difference between lithuanian ones and french ones. The main difference is about beers price. In France, it’s usual to see a beer pint around 6/7€ or a half-pint around 4€. About … Read More