To your cameras in Kaunas !

The city of Kaunas is distributing a “Wallographer’s note”, which allows you to find in the city all the street art not to be missed while walking in the streets of Kaunas! Indeed, it’s more than 50 street art to discover in the city! About wallographer, that word doesn’t exist, … Read More

Why there is KGB in Vilnius ?

I have visited Vilnius with friend . During 2 week-ends. I will talk you about KGB museum which we visites. Firstly why there are a KGB museum(full name: Genocido Auku Muziejus) in Vilnius and why he is special ? During second World War Lithuania belonged to USSR. And the building … Read More

Kaunas University of Technology

The Kaunas University of Technology (also known as KTU) was created in 1922 with the reorganisation of the universities of Lithuania. Its name changed between 1950 and 1990 for Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, which was well known for its ultrasound and vibrotechnics laboratories. The university grew quite well theses years as … Read More

About Lithuania

Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic countries(2,795,674 inhabitants in 2018), and also has the most troubled history. After having been a great kingdom, constantly occupied by Poland, Germany, Russia, it was Lithuania which first faced the USSR, independence. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. The center of Europe … Read More