Damien Aranda

Hi, I’m Damien Aranda, a 20-year-old student at the ESAIP in Angers. I choose to go studying in the KTU in Kaunas because the lessons seem to be quite interesting for someone like me who want to work as IoT engineer. I’m also looking forward to improving my English level. … Read More


Hello there, my name is Amaury COUPARD and I’m a 20 years old student. I’m actually studying at the engineering school named ESAIP located in Angers in France. Before joining ESAIP, I did a preparatory class for during 2 years. I never really had the chance to travel so I’m … Read More


Hi, my name is Antoine Saint-Louis, I’m 20 years old student at ESAIP in Angers. I like to travel for a long time. I am happy to go to ERASMUS in Lithuania. Why did i choose this country? Because i don’t know eastern europe and I like to discover new … Read More


Hello, my name is Vincent, I’m 22 years old student at ESAIP in Angers. I choose Lithuania and more precisely the university of Kaunas, primary for the subjects, I can take to improve my ability as an IT engineer, I’m also excited to discover a country from Eastern Europe. Thanks … Read More