Kaunas, the beginning

The integration week started on the Monday 27th, we had a meeting at 10:00 AM, and some explanation about the KTU until 14:30 PM. Then we decided to visit the city, we made a little tour and ours steps lead us to AKROPOLIS, which is a huge shopping center, even … Read More

Main information about our Travel

What is our destination?For the Erasmus trip, we are going to Kaunas the second city of Lithuania. For your information, the population of the city of Kaunas is around 320,000 in 2019. There are lot of church, forts and a big memorials of Nazi genocide can be visited in this … Read More

The main themes of our blog

There are 3 major themes that we’ll working on during our journey in Lithuania. In this article, I am going to discribe you which one and why we chose it. I – The lithuanian gastronomy We chose this theme because we are used to eat great food in France, it’s … Read More