Hi, my name is Antoine Saint-Louis, I’m 20 years old student at ESAIP in Angers. I like to travel for a long time. I am happy to go to ERASMUS in Lithuania.

Why did i choose this country? Because i don’t know eastern europe and I like to discover new place. I wanted to go in the university of Kaunas for courses in IOT (Internet of Things) which is a domain where I would like to do my futur job. I hope to discover new cultures and learn a lot about this country and those around him. With the team you can follow our adventures on this blog.

How I prepare my trip?

I throw everything in my suitcase and let’s go. It’s joke, I have prepared my trip while searching infomrmations. Sure i’m stressed to go in a new country but i’m with a good company. And I’m sure I will enjoy to discover new country. Before my trip i searched the most informations about destination .Lithuania it’s a country far away where it’s cold. I will needed to be prepared for the cold temperature.

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