Kaunas University of Technology

The Kaunas University of Technology (also known as KTU) was created in 1922 with the reorganisation of the universities of Lithuania. Its name changed between 1950 and 1990 for Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, which was well known for its ultrasound and vibrotechnics laboratories. The university grew quite well theses years as the first independent technical school.

In 1990 the name went back for KTU as it got back its status of University, and the rectorate started to perform rapid reform of studies and research. The University began and continues to take sustainable partnership with compagnies and universities (more than 60 currently). KTU is now one of the biggest university of the Baltic countries.

Time for numbers: since 1992, more than 144 thousand students got their diploma for the KTU. It’s composed by 9 factories, 8 institute, 9 research centres, 23 student organisations, 12 dormitories, 7 art societies. There are 10,495 students studying in the university, with 877 international ones among them. It offer the student more than 130 study progammes, among which we all chose progammes related to IoT.

Official website : https://en.ktu.edu/

Take a virtual tour of KTU spaces in their website : http://tour.ktu.edu/

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