About Lithuania

Picture of Vilnius

Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic countries(2,795,674 inhabitants in 2018), and also has the most troubled history. After having been a great kingdom, constantly occupied by Poland, Germany, Russia, it was Lithuania which first faced the USSR, independence. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. The center of Europe is 25 km from Vilnius. There are 2 hours of jet lag with France. Lithuania joined the eurozone in 2015.The 6 july they celebrate the coronation of King Mendog. Lithuania is a democratie

About Flag

The Republic of Lithuania flag is a tricolor with 3 horizontal stripes. Yellow, Green and red.

Yellow evokes the sun and the fields of wheat, it symbolizes light and kindness.

Green evokes nature and symbolizes freedom and hope.

Red evokes the earth and symbolizes the blood that has been shed for freedom and defense

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