The main themes of our blog

There are 3 major themes that we’ll working on during our journey in Lithuania. In this article, I am going to discribe you which one and why we chose it.

I - The lithuanian gastronomy

We chose this theme because we are used to eat great food in France, it’s a part of our culture so we’ll love to discover new way to eat. In this part, we’ll also talk about Lituanian typical drinks.We already know some typical food’s name and we are waiting to discover them. There are for example the ” kepsnys “, the ” veršiena ” or the ” šašlykas “. There are often potatoes on their dishes.About the beverages, they drink a lot of tea especially the one with red berries. There are also a lot of choice of beers, the “Utenos” and the “Kalnapilis” are typicals one.

II - The technologies

The four of us are passionate about technologies especially “IoT” which means “Internet of Things”. It’s a major in our school ESAIP and we all want to do this one so we have to improve our skills in the Kaunas university.

In Lithuania we’ll work on programming in the university and we’ll try to find IoT workers over there.

We’ll explain in this blog what we’ll be learning and our think about our discovers.

III - The history

In this part, we’ll explain what we’ll find about the history of Lithuania and more particularly of Kaunas.

We already know some famous points : The Lithuania has been occupied by the Nazi Germany from 1941 to 1944 and it was a part of the URSS from 1944 to 1990. Because of those first events there are a lot of historical reminders in this country.

We can find a part of them in museums but also in some ruins of castle and bunker for example. We’ll try to make you discover this history by explaining you major facts that we discover but also by making some photos and videos.


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