Paris – Kaunas, a 20-hours trip

Our trip began on the 25th of January, a little bit earlier than 8:00 PM, the time our flight took off.

I arrived at the Beauvais airport at 11:30 AM, because I took the first train from St Etienne to Paris, and it took me far less time than I had planned to reach the airport. Antoine arrived at 1:00 PM, Vincent and Amaury met us later, closer than the departure. We all had our last meal in France after checking our baggage, a last sandwich before leaving behind us all the French gastronomy.

We spent 3 hours in the plane, so we landed in Vilnius at 11:40 PM (2 hours and 40 minutes of fight and 1 hours of jet-lag). Most of us had booked a room in an hotel nearby, and there some of us chose to go take a drink in the city. We left the hotel around 10:00 am on the Sunday, and took the train for Kaunas at 11:40 AM. We may have made a mistake there, and took a ticket for the train which stop at EVERY single station along the way, so we spend more than 90 minutes in this train. There were a lot of small station, lost in the countryside, with only the deck and sometime a small building. At first we all though that the train stop for no reason, maybe we were used to the French SNCF.

When we finally arrive at Kaunas, around 1:00 PM, Azad – Amaury mentor – was there to welcome us, and he lead the way to the dormitory. We all used the app Bolt to find a driver which could take us to our dorms, and the team split at this moment as Vincent and Amaury were in the dorms 3, Antoine in the 10th and me in the 7th.

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