Better coverage than France ?

Here we go ! After 2 hours and 40 minutes, we landed in Vilnius, and everyone’s first reflex is to turn off the airplane mode, to send a message, check mail and notifications when you are connected to the internet.
And it should be noted that the network in Lithuania seems to be more efficient than in France. Indeed, Lithuania is in the top 3 countries in the world with the best
4G/4G+ coverage.

This allows a better use of transport applications (car rental, taxi, bus, …) which are connected to
IoT implemented in the vehicles.

It should also be noted that Lithuania is the first country in Europe to use the most FTTH technology (optic fiber – high broadband), that’s why, all the buildings we visited have a very good broadband via WiFi and Ethernet.

See figure below, this is a WiFi speedtest in the 8th dormitory :

Moreover, there are many hotspots (Access Point) covering all floors of each building, that’s very nice to see the 5-bar connection !

And due to the low income of its inhabitants, it is also the 2nd European country where internet offers are the cheapest.

So, we would have no problem to publish more articles 😛

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