Lithuanian gastronomy : The beginning

Our first week in Lithuania could be renamed the “fast-food week” because we were always outside and doing a lot of activities so we hadn’t time to prepare our meal.

We went to classic fast food like Mcdonald and Hesburger that are cheaper than in France, and lithuanian fast food like Grill London.

After the first week, we decided to buy kitchen tools that are necessary like a frying pan and a saucepan, with pasta principly.

We started to go to two supermarket which are Lidl and Maxima which is also a lithuanian supermarket.

About the food here, it is principly lithuanian food that is not translated in english so it’s difficult to compare the different products.

There are a lot of pork products like salami and sausage for example which are specialities here.

There are also different kind of hard cheese that are another speciality. For now, we are mainly preparing classic food that we can eat in France but with lithuanian products.

Our first experience with lituanian dishes was during the welcome week.

The ESN prepared a buffet with typical lithuanian food like pancakes done with potatoes.

After that, we also tried the famous Kibinine which is a meat-stuffed dough which is fried. We tried one with onions and chiken and another one with beef.

To finish, we also tried the student catering which is named fresh-spot and were we can choose a meat with two accompaniments : One starchy and one vegetable or salad.

Kibinine picture link :

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