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Source : Kaunas – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

What is our destination?
For the Erasmus trip, we are going to Kaunas the second city of Lithuania. For your information, the population of the city of Kaunas is around 320,000 in 2019. There are lot of church, forts and a big memorials of Nazi genocide can be visited in this city. And we will make you discover the city and its history thanks to our articles.
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Which school do we go to study at?
During 5 months, we will study at KTU (Kauno Technologijos Universitetas). KTU is an university most diversified with differents such as IT, environment, mechanic and chemistry for example. It’s the biggest school in Kaunas with 10,495 studients (of which 877 are foreign students) in 2015.
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How did we go to Kaunas?
We took a plane from Paris Beauvais airport to Vilnius and then we took a train to Kaunas.
Moreover, it’s easy to move around with the main transports in Kaunas, with the bus and trolleybus, because there are lot of lines, and there is an app like Uber called Bolt to move. There is also CityBee, an easy way to rent/drive a car for a small distance.
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How will life be in Kaunas ?
In the team, we are going to live in dormitories which are assigned by the university because it’s the simplest and also the cheapest.
Kaunas is a student city with lot of activities for the night. In the university KTU there are lot of clubs or activities for a great student life.

But who are we?

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