Activities in Lithuania (Vilnius)

Hello, Today I will talk you about different activities we can do in Vilnius. I would like to changes your idea and reed news who didn’t speak about virus.
Firstly I will talk you how we can skiing in Vilnius. The highest point of the city is 215m. it is not very high to be able to ski. But when it drops there are a few open ski runs. it was in February that I had the pleasure of skiing with my friend .

Picture was taken by: Antoine Saint-Louis

How we can see on picture there no are lot of snow. That day there were only 3 runs open. But for only 1 day that was enough. It’s always cool to do this type of activity but beware it’s a tourist price (24 € / hours) .

fun fact: the runs ski there are next to the runs for the planes. Which is not necessarily very pleasant .

Now I will talk you about an other activities in Lithuania it’s the museum of illusion.

The museum is located in the city center. it’s really a place to visit. There are very impressive illusions including this electric ball that I don’t know. There are many illusion charts.

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