Kaunas, the beginning

The integration week started on the Monday 27th, we had a meeting at 10:00 AM, and some explanation about the KTU until 14:30 PM. Then we decided to visit the city, we made a little tour and ours steps lead us to AKROPOLIS, which is a huge shopping center, even if it not the biggest one in the city. We visited it -it took us a while- and then we went to Zigzag Travel, the agency where we could buy our ISIC card. This card allow us -among some other thing- to take the bus for € 0.20.

We were invited to a buffet made by the ESN on the evening, they gathered some special dish for us and we could taste them. I discovered there the main problem I’ll have here : garlic. There is an interesting thing in this country : they put garlic almost everywhere. For lots of people it’s not a problem but, guess what, I’m intolerant to garlic. I was sick some day before getting used to say “without garlic please” after ordering anything.

We had another meeting the Tuesday, this time to explain the different club, sport activities, and other things. We made an other tour of the city, this time lead by ESN student. We visited the older part of the city, and saw the castel of Kaunas. We were also invited to a board game night on the evening.

On the Wednesday a student lead us to a tour of all the faculty of the KTU, and they organised a showing of “Bohemian Rapsody” -the movie about queen- on the Thursday evening.

The most interesting thing organised by the ESN was a visit of the Trakai’s Castel and a tour of Vilnius (even if this part was shorten due to the rain). We left the dormitory at 8:00 AM on the Saturday and visited the castel on the morning and the beginning of the afternoon. Vincent could test his new drone and took interesting picture of the group. We came back of this trip on the evening, a bit tired but ready to begin the lectures on the next Tuesday.

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