My first restaurant in Lithuania

In this article I’ll talk about my first experience in a restaurant in Lithuania. I hadn’t tried the first weeks, or I only tried fast-food.

The name of this restaurant is “Legenda” and I discovered it thanks to a Lithuanian girl. She explained to me that this restaurant was famous because it is tasty and not that expensive.

About the look of the restaurant, it’s pretty calm, soothing. It looks a bit like a moutain chalet.

An interesting fact is that the menu was written first in english, and then in lithuanian. Also, the server talk both lithuanian and english.

About the food, There are a lot of lithuanian specialities, but also some recipies that we already know, like a steak with peper sauce or a salmon tartare. The most expensive dish were around 15€ and the average were at 7/8€.

Because I’m new in this country, I wanted to try something I never ate before, so I asked for advices to my friend and she advised me the one i took, which is chicken with cheese on it and, like a paupiette in France, there were a lot of mushrooms and cheese inside.

It were served with a salad and fries potatoes that were pretty good too. With that she also advised me to take a speciality which is a kind of beer named Kvas.

To finish with a funny fact, there were like 3 pages of dishes in the menu, but there were also 7 pages of drinks which were mainly alcohol like a lot of different vodka, that were very expensive !

So to conclude that was a really plaisant experience that I would like to do more often, because they have great food and it doesn’t cost a lot !

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