About transport in Kaunas

typical buse in kaunas city

Firstly I will talk about public transport, In the city there are lot of buses and trolleyBuses. There are two types of tickets: A single use paper ticket and E-ticket with Ziogas apps. Trolleybuses and buses run from 4.30 a.m. until 10.30 p.m. There are cards/pass to pay on the bus. You may buy the CARD at the newspaper stands or in the places marked by the special sign “Kauno Viešasis Transportas” (KVT) (Kaunas Public Transport).
You must always have your card when getting on the means of transport. You may check Kaunas public transport routes and schedules on the website www.stops.lt/kaunas

In Kaunas there is too an International Airport (Karmelava) is located 15 km north east of Kaunas City. Bus No. 29 regularly runs from the airport terminal to the city centre. If you come to Kaunas late in the evening, for your convenience the bus No. 29 will wait for you and take you to Kaunas.

Secondly I will talk you about private transport . The main private transport is with bolt car and apps. Isn’t very expensive ( around 2 euros to goat train station from my dormitory, 4.3 kilometres). it is useful for quick travel because there are lot of cars available.

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