Confined in Lithuania

March the 13th:
It’s my birthday, and I have a good gift : two weeks of holidays without anyone to bored me to go outside because we’re confined. It’s time for playing all days long -and part of the night too-

March the 20th:
Or it’s the 21st, I don’t know. I’ve lost the track of time days ago. I don’t need to count the days or the hours since I don’t see anyone as my Lithuanian roommate went back home the first day of quarantine. I’m currently spending more than 10 hours on my computer, coding my projects and playing.

March the 28th:
Most of the other students will take a flight back home, but I chose to stay as I don’t know went the lectures will begin again and if I will be able to come back here if they start soon.

March the 31st:
The lectures have begun … online. It’s the first time I take online lecture, it’s an interesting experience. The first defense of the project are here to, let’s hope everything will be alright.

April the 2nd:
I went through all the defenses, good work in general let’s keep this way. Online lecture change a lot from the face-to-face, lecturer tend to be a little bit stricter.

April the 7th:
Incredible, Vincent, Antoine and I just got some news from the fourth guy, Eldar, of the Software Engineering project. Last time we spoke was one month ago. Maybe he will finally help us on the project.

April the 14th:
Update about that guy, he probably won’t be useful. But anyway the app is in progress and I still manage to have decent mark, let’s hope that this quarantine don’t end soon. No change from the university they still telling that the lecture will start again normally in two week, so I keep losing my time here instead of being home.

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