Bars in Kaunas

During our semester in Kaunas, we took a part of our free time to visit bars to see the difference between lithuanian ones and french ones.

The main difference is about beers price. In France, it’s usual to see a beer pint around 6/7€ or a half-pint around 4€. About the alcohol proof, It’s usual to have beers around 5 or 6 proof but we can easily find beer that can go to 13.

In Lithuania, there are no half-pint, all you can order is a pint, or sometime a bottle. The price for a pint is usually around 3 or 4€, but you can easily find some that go to 1.5 or 2€ the pint. It’s clearly cheaper than in France, but because of that you will order more beers to finally spend around the same. The beers proof is lower in Lithuania, it’s usually between 3 and 4, and the highest one we found was at 7. Also, we found that the taste of beers wasn’t as good as we find in France or in Germany for example. Little fact, we were happy to find a french beer in there, but that was a Kronenbourg and we don’t like that beer so much.

Inside photo of the Dzem’Pub

About different bars we were in, we particulary liked the Dzem’pub which is a great bar with a karaoke part on a stage, where we can sing up to 4 and with everyone behind us singing with us too. I tried to sing “TNT” from ACDC with 3 friends and it is a really funny memory.

We also liked the “B20” bar, which is a little one but warm and really sympathic. There were board games at disposition as cards, uno or Kapla for example, and it permit to take a sweet time.

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