To your cameras in Kaunas !

The city of Kaunas is distributing a “Wallographer’s note”, which allows you to find in the city all the street art not to be missed while walking in the streets of Kaunas! Indeed, it’s more than 50 street art to discover in the city! About wallographer, that word doesn’t exist, this new word invented by Kaunas, are the walkers looking for street art like graffiti and artwork.

Since 2015, the Kaunas Street Art Festival NYKOKA has been inviting street artists to make works of art on specific wall. The city wants to become the cultural city of the Baltic States. Since this year, she has been awarded the UNESCO Creative City of Design title.

I think that the most known, most visible street art is The Wise Old Man at Jonavos  g. 3 :

This wallagrapher’s note allows you to see all places where there is street art and you can download and use on you smartphone at this link : Wallographer’s note or in paper version at the tourist office.

Here are some street art pictures of the city (I couldn’t take the pictures myself unfortunately) :

The city of Kaunas is rich in artistic, architectural and historical surprises, so go for a walk in the old town and the surrounding area, but don’t do that during lockdown, of course!

Don’t forget to travel !

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