About KTU (Kaunas University of Technology)

We have a lot of speak about city and country. But the main part of day it is course with ktu. Here I will talking about our course but in ktu there are lot of other learning like environment, electronic, chemistry or mechanical. Our courses are mainly on programming and during the semester I learning so much new programming concept and language. Learning is really useful for understand concept of programming language and concept of big project (duration : 1 semester)

Logo of ktu from ktu.edu

How we can see on Logo the university was created in 1922 and she is oriented to learning and form student on technologies.

General information:
Kaunas University of Technology had its beginning on 16 February 1922, when the University of Lithuania.

The development of Lithuanian scientific ideas continued in the first Lithuanian independent technical school of higher education ( 1950–1990). It was famous for the ultrasound laboratories, and scientific research of textiles.

Missions and visions:

The University’s mission is to provide the research-based studies at international level; to develop and to transfer knowledge and innovative technologies for sustainable development of the State and development of innovations; to create an open creative environment which inspires talents and leaders.

The University’s vision – leading European university which activities are based on development and transfer of knowledge and technologies.

(Information for ktu)

The other place where student live it is dormitory. It’s true the 80% of Erasmus student live in dormitory. What is it? it’s more sixteen building for housed student. Earlier I was on dormitory ten the oldest building with so much negative point but it’s okay he will be renovated soon (during summer holiday). But after I have join dormitory eight who is clear. And it is really funny to live with so much other student who from other country to learn more about their country.

Picture from typical room in dormitory

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