Beautiful places to visit in Lithuania

In this post I decided to talk about a few beautiful places we discovered during our trip. I won’t show every places because there are too many things to discover in Lithuania, and I hope you will enjoy reading this article.

The most beautiful place I discovered in Lithuania from my point of view is the Trakai Castle. Its construction began in the 14th century. The castle was a ruin until its reconstruction started during the 19th century. It is the major castle in Lithuania and it has a really different style that castle we can find in France. There is a huge museum inside the castle with a lot of interesting facts and paints that have to be seen if possible.

There is also the Church of St. Anne in Vilnius and the Vilnius Cathedral that are really impressive, huge and beautifuf with a lot of details.

The Church of St.Anne have, like the Trakai Castle, an atypical color and a Gothic style. It has been made during the 16th century and is in the old city, that is a very old place with a lot of monuments loved by tourists.

The Vilnius Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral which is a World Heritage Site. The cathedral is placed near to the medieval part of the city, with what’s left of the Vilnius castle. It’s the first monument I saw in vilnius except the old train station, and the inside is full of incredible arts. There are a lot of shops and stores around, it’s a place full of people and that add a warm sentiment.

To finish, I would like to talk about Kaunas, because there are also a lot of things to see and to do in this city !

We already presented you the the Ninth Fort which let me speachless, so I’ll talk about the Kaunas Castle, which is an old medieval castle that has been built during the mid 14th century in a Gothic style. Like other monuments I showed you before, the castle have the same red color than the Trakai Castle and the Curch of St. Anne. There are also the Kaunas letters in front of the castle that have a Hollywood style but smaller.

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t saw those monuments fully recovered by snow, because there weren’t a lot of snow this year sadly, but I hope you enjoyed this little trip and if you have the possibility to discover those place one day you shouldn’t hesitate !

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