Unconfinement: Vilnius turns into a giant open-air

From: https://a.com/article/deconfinement-vilnius-covid-19

A “quarantine” regime was introduced by the Lithuanian government on March 14. It will remain in effect until midnight May 31. But…

Most shops in the Lithuanian capital opened again since 11 may 2020. But with global pandemic it’s dangerous not respecting safety distances and barrier gesture. For this the city authorize every cafe or restaurant use to put tables on street. During July month, city will restrict each street in one direction.This measure is there to avoid contamination of the population but slow traffic .

Tarmac use changed during quarantine time.

Concert in Drive-in on tarmac of Airport

On April 24, the city requisitioned the airport tarmac and inaugurated a cycle of concerts and film screenings… in drive-in. For the most distant spectators – and to avoid people being tempted to get out of their vehicle – the concert is broadcast on a radio frequency and on the big screen. To applaud, spectators can honk their horns.

How or who can go to Lithuania?

Today Nobody can come in Lithuania except:

-A Lithuanian citizen.
-Family members of Lithuanian nationals.
-aircrew members.
-health professionals for specific intervention.
-And more.
But since 11 may like so much country in Europe, student or someone for professional reason can go to Lithuania.

How are we going to continue the lessons?

University of KTU will don’t open again their doors for students until end of semester because it is too much risky. They have organised online lessons for last courses of semester and every exam will be online. Timetables didn’t change and each course are in same time like before quarantine time. It’s really strange to work at home for me because I prefer working in working place with working atmosphere like University library or in class room. But it’s fine I’m with my family. The main. The majority of courses have the same difficulty but the controls are generally more difficult

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