The Pažaislis Monastery, a beautiful place

One of the places I loved the most in Kaunas is the Pažaislis Monastery. Located in the part called Petrašiūnai in Kaunas. The monastery is built next to the Neman River. There is a small paradise with a beach and many activities possible in summer.

The Pažaislis Monastery decorated with polished marble, is a benchmark of Italian Baroque architecture because it was built by Italian master craftsmen (like Giovanni Battista Frediani, Pietro and Carlo Puttini, Joano Meri, Giuseppe Rossi or Michelangelo Palloni).

A little history about this place:

In 1832, that is during the occupation of the Russian, the monastery was closed to be converted into an Orthodox church. Then from 1915 to 1918, during the German occupation, the place had become hospital for German War. After World War II, the Soviet converted the monastery into an archive, a psychiatric hospital, and ended up being an art gallery.

But at the re-independence of Lithuania (1990), reconstruction and restoration works are realized in order to regain the nuns. It was declared a cultural monument and a site of Catholic pilgrimage.

And today, you can also find a luxury hotel and restaurant.

It’s a place that I recommend to go and see, both in the winter covered with snow and in the summer with the beach and the sunset over the monastery.

I have learned that during the summer, many festivals and concerts are organized in and around the monastery, and it seems that the acoustics are very good thanks to the vaults of the church.

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