Main project during our semester

From Avira

I will talk to you about the project of our team. During the semester we have differents projects to be graded but here I will talk to you about the biggest project in software engineering lessons. With my team composed of Vincent, Damien, Eldar (Erasmus student), and me we have chosen to do a mobile apps E-Chat.

Why this subject and what we did?

As the main part of students who learn in KTU are Erasmus students. And we think it is important for new people from another country to be integrated quickly. Today it is easy to be connected with other people and mobile apps are perfect for this job. But for sure we have competitors like what’s app or messenger are more famous to chat. But it’s not the main goal of apps like this and our apps are built only for this goal. For example in the future we would like on these apps there is a map to know what student is here. For sure we would like to add to a little wiki page on a place to know the main information with maybe comments of old students passed here.

What I did on the project?

We had decided to separate the project in different parts to facilitate its design. 4 parts for 4 students.
Here I will talk to you about my part. I’m working on design global on the app and no hard code.
I’m working on the design of the app and describe different functionality. I describe this with the UML tool. And diagram explains you how working the app.

Use Case Diagram

Use case diagram is the first diagram what we do on project to get an overview on project. Here it is easy to understand each functionality.

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