Trip back to France

On May, the 4th the Rector of KTU announced that the university will stay closed for this semester, and all exam and lectures will be conducted remotely. That what I was waiting to leave the country and come back to France. The first plane was on the 13th of May, two mouth after the beginning of the quarantine.

I leaved the Dormitory 7 of KTU at 11:00 AM on Wednesday in order to take my train at 12:30 AM. I like leaving early in this kind of situations, it allow to deal with unforeseen event. This first picture show the sub quest of this post : will you understand how work my watch ? A clue in the next paragraph.

I got an interesting picture when I was waiting for boarding. There is two fun things in this picture :
1) As we were in quarantine and I don’t wear my watch at home I forgot to add one hour when we changed in late March. It could be cool because it was already at the French hour, but I forgot that I forgot to put it at the right hour, so I spend 5 minutes to set the right hour when I land in Frankfort. It’s the clue for the sub quest, my watch is currently showing 3:45.
2) It may be difficult to read, but the 4th column on the screen was quitte threatening before I find my plane. Just in case you can’t read it’s written CANCELLED on every plane except mine.

I spent a lot of time at Frankfurt airport, my next plane was at 8:30 AM on Thursday and I land at 19:05 on Wednesday. I was forced to stay on the international area, so I slept on bench. I think I didn’t understood something then, I still don’t know where all of the other travelers went. Anyway bench are more comfortable than what I though.

Last photo, I forgot to take them after. It’s just before boarding on the plane to the airport Paris Charle De Gaule. You can see written on the watch 8:19 AM, I didn’t miss the timing. An other hour and a half of flight, they served the same sandwich as the day before for the evening meal. Fortunately I ate before. After that it was France, waiting again for 5 hours for my train, and then home. 33 hours of trip, and I didn’t get controlled for COVID-19. Not a single time. Not a single instruction either. It strange to see the difference between what is said (“COVID-19 is dangerous”, etc …) and what is done. But I’m back to my home, and that’s only what matter.

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