How I had living the last 3 month?

  • How I’m come back in France?

    I’m returning in France during the last week of March after waiting the last moment to be sure the semester will be ending online I have chosen to come back in France with the main parts of french student. For sure I have failed my ticket reservation and I had one day shift with other students. It’s for that I had travelled alone. In less 24 hours I had taken 3 airplane to come back in France . First, it’s Vilnius- Minsk because Minsk it was the only city who deserved Europe by airline. I had slept in the Airport during the night because my plane was the next day. After that I’m arrived In Paris early morning and I had taken the last plane to be near my house in Toulouse.
Minsk Airport
  • My semester In France

    During the online semester, I was with my family and I have one desk room for me and my brother. Sometimes it’s a little bit complicated to work when you are around your family. for example when You are in ZOOM call ( for lessons or exam ) and your family want to do something or come in the room it’s really hard to be focused. But there are positive points to be with our family. For example when you have bad news there are here to support you and If you don’t have time to cook, they can do it for you.

Room with 2 desks
  • Courses and exam during online semester

During the semester I had kept the same schedules as in Lithuania. I keep my weeks with 4 days without courses, but we are getting more homework and the mean time there are complete with different revisions. The courses are on differents platoforme like BBB ( Big blue button) ZOOM or TEAMS. It’s realy nice in 2020 we can continue to follow courses when we are in our house and teacher are note here. Exams are changing in oral or MCQ ( Multiple Choice Questions). At the beginning it is a little bit strange to work online and stay focus when you see your coputer 8 hours by day for following the lessons.

  • Conclusion

To conclude, the last 3 month was be very strange. I had to back in my home city in short time, All country was frozen by the pandemic but I have discover how to do homework and I have validated my semester. During the semester I Haven’t moved from my parent house. This period has been benefical for me and I know how to be ok during period like this. But some times, I is normal to be feeling bad because is is not easy to don’t move and not go out but the main goal it’s to be safe

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