Walking in the Panemunė forest in Kaunas

You know that I like landscapes, sport and tranquility.

That’s why during my Erasmus, I discovered quiet and relaxing places, and I found a perfect place to do what I like, I often went to the Panemunė forest located a few kilometres walk south of our KTU accommodation.

So alone or with friends, I would go for a walk or run in this forest that I really like. When we are in this forest, we forget that we are not far from the city and the noise.

It’s a silent place where many Kaunas people come to refresh themselves as we do and contemplate the beautiful nature, we can also see some ancient remains of a city and military fortification in and around the forest.

Here are some pictures I took :

So if like me you are on Kaunas and you want a quiet place where you can run without the danger of cars, then go to the forest Panemunė !

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