How was my quarantine ?

How to say it ? In fact it doesn’t really changed my habits. I not someone who go outside that often. In fact I’m mostly going outside my room for the lectures during normal days. I don’t mind having my lectures online, and I’m already working most of my time on a computer anyway. The main difference was the place, since I chose to stay in Lithuania until I received the mention from the rector of the university telling that the university won’t open again this semester and it was safe to go back to France. During that time as I could be leaving at any time I lived quitte strangely, for exemple I only brought pasta for lunches because to cook that I don’t need lot off stuff, so I wouldn’t lose lot of thing if I left the day after. This mesure was quitte extreme, I could have done it better.

My one and only friend.

When I came back home the situation went smoothly. My family understood that I have to work, and as my room is in the basement of my house it quitte rare for the member of my family to come. I managed to keep focus on the studies, and finished the semester with better grade than what I probably would have during a normal semester as I got 9/10 at 4 module (one was round at 9 from 9.72) and 10/10 at the last one.

Even in my online game, Albion Online, the situation was nice, our guild grew a lot as there was far more players, we managed to achieve our saison objective. We are waiting the next saison to start, ready to claim for the first French guild place this time.

Still I have one regret, this situation happened during the first Erasmus semester. I would have preferred if it happen in the second one, as I far more proficient at English than Spanish.

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