The end of the trip

As everyone know, the COVID-19 was a world problem during the winter and the spring. It has been a test for everyone, to know what to do, how to act while everything change.

Personally, it wasn’t really hard at first. Our Erasmus started well even if the COVID-19 was already in China. The real problem appears once Lithuania and France closed their borders with others countries, and once flight became rare. Then we had to make a choice between staying in Lithuania, where there were not that much COVID-19 cases, or coming back to France and end our Erasmus trip earlier. After 2 or 3 weeks, a part of french in Kaunas including me decided to come back to France. This was a huge trip, going from Vilnius airport to Minsk in Belarus, stay the night in the airport and then take a plane to the airport named “Charles de Gaulle” in Paris.

About how I lived it, as I said it wasn’t so hard because we could go out if we wanted to without an admistrative paper, and we were with friends and other erasmus so time wasn’t too long. I have good memories about those moments, even if it was during the quarantine.

After I arrived to my house in France, I was happy at first to see my parents again after all this time, but after a few days, it became really hard for me. In fact, I was always with friends or other Erasmus students in Lithuania, even in the dormitories, and suddenly being alone was hard to accept.

Also, the courses became harder and harder so I spend almost all my time in my bedroom, working all the day without talking to anyone except while eating. That was certainly the hardest thing I have done in a long time, become not talking to anyone or seeing a friend in a huge amount of time is a real test for me, but I did it and now I am more independent than before. I worked all along and then passed my exams.

Even if the quarantine was over in may in France, I didn’t went out before the middle of june, because I had no time to spend playing or else because of my exams.

To conclude, I kindly sad of that COVID-19 taking me a part of my Erasmus trip but I’m also happy that it’s over and that I can now enjoy the summer with my friends. Also, I will certainly go back to lithuania for some vacation, I think I deserve it !

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