Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania

Kaunas is a port city. It is the 2nd largest city in Lithuania. For a long time it was occupied by the Nazis. An extermination camp was built there. Today we can see a monument in honor of the killed Jews. Kaunas is also a beautiful city for its monuments such as Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul cathedral. Street art is an important art, there are many works known in the streets. The heart of the old town is important in Kaunas. But Kaunas is also a large student city where it is possible to find many historic sites or festive places. Kaunas was the capital of Lithuania for a long time. To move around the city we will use application to travel on train, taxi or any public transport with “Trafi”, “Ziogas”, “Bolt” and “CityBee”. The equivalent of “UberEats” or “Delivroo” is “Wolt” in Lithuania for ordering food.

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