To your cameras in Kaunas !

The city of Kaunas is distributing a “Wallographer’s note”, which allows you to find in the city all the street art not to be missed while walking in the streets of Kaunas! Indeed, it’s more than 50 street art to discover in the city! About wallographer, that word doesn’t exist, … Read More

Confined in Lithuania

March the 13th: It’s my birthday, and I have a good gift : two weeks of holidays without anyone to bored me to go outside because we’re confined. It’s time for playing all days long -and part of the night too- March the 20th:Or it’s the 21st, I don’t know. … Read More

My first restaurant in Lithuania

In this article I’ll talk about my first experience in a restaurant in Lithuania. I hadn’t tried the first weeks, or I only tried fast-food. The name of this restaurant is “Legenda” and I discovered it thanks to a Lithuanian girl. She explained to me that this restaurant was famous … Read More

Kaunas, the beginning

The integration week started on the Monday 27th, we had a meeting at 10:00 AM, and some explanation about the KTU until 14:30 PM. Then we decided to visit the city, we made a little tour and ours steps lead us to AKROPOLIS, which is a huge shopping center, even … Read More

Lithuanian gastronomy : The beginning

After the first week, we decided to buy kitchen tools that are necessary like a frying pan and a saucepan, with pasta principly. We started to go to two supermarket which are Lidl and Maxima which is also a lithuanian supermarket. About the food here, it is principly lithuanian food … Read More